Vision & Mission

Our Challenge
We are in a state of Technological Revolution where many Businesses are designing sub- standard solutions that do not address the root of our countries concerns. Through these solutions, we are finding Government, Enterprises and SMB’s investing in these solutions which, to their avail, causes more headache and wasteful spending. By this design, the right solution would never be found to solve a particular problem or set of problems.

Our Vision
Our vision at COREX is to embrace technological innovation with our primary objective being to advance the GDP for the country and continent, increase life expectancy, enhance literacy on all levels, and improve the levels of employment for all countries on the African continent. Hand in hand with our vision, we will use our know-how and skill with the latest in technology to make a better contribution to the African people.

Our Mission
To reinvent South Africa’s ICT distribution business model and initiate a paradigm shift that will be built on new cloud-based business platforms and processes, developing long-term profitable relationships with empowered, upskilled partners. We endeavour to apply the latest technology, solutions, and operations to make a better contribution to the socio- economic condition of African continent