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Welcome to the COREX Reseller Latest News & Events page. COREX has always devoted itself to working with our resellers to empower them. We are geared towards educating the public and keeping you updated about the latest and greatest in ICT Technology. PLEASE NOTE: The below Resellers Events are for registered COREX resellers only and only registrations from COREX Resellers and Partners will be accepted.

X299 Taichi’s comes with triple of the world’s fastest PCIe Gen3 x4 Ultra M.2 slots that deliver up to 32Gb/s transfer speed, it also supports SATA3 6Gb/s M.2 modules. Designed with a 13 Power Phase design, this motherboard features sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus, it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well. Tom’s Hardware gives ASRocks's X299 motherboard the editors award stating that, "The X299 Taichi’s CPU-fed M.2 slot is likely the biggest competitive advantage of the three LGA 2066 motherboards tested thus far. The way its extra M.2 slot is connected precludes SLI when used with Kaby Lake-X, the X299 Taichi is cheap enough to offset the cost of a Skylake-X CPU upgrade".


COREX and its partners invited their valued resellers to join them for the COREX Connectivity Roadshow 2017, featuring a showcase of the latest in Networking, Storage and Server technologies and products. Network with key vendors in each category, and go hands on with the newest features available. COREX and its Partners enjoyed an informative evening with dinner and drinks included. The COREX team would like to thank our Valued Partners & Resellers for a successful Connectivity Roadshow.


Live Life Without Interruptions. Deco is the whole-home Wi-Fi solution with the most comprehensive security. It delivers fast, uninterrupted Wi-Fi to every room by harnessing the power of three separate AC1300 units for up to 4,500 sq. ft. of seamless coverage. Deco is also easy to set up and grows as you add devices to your home. Deco is backed by the industry's only 24/7 lifetime support.  HomeCare™ combined with Deco, provides a networking and cyber security solution that helps to combine speed with comprehensive security features and customizable parental controls to help keep your family safe.


POWER. OPTIMIZE & SECURE. EPYC represents a new, comprehensive approach to processors and system design that has been tailored to solve the unique challenges of the datacenter and today’s workloads. We’re incredibly proud of EPYC’s power and performance, and this platform will help companies optimize and right size in new ways. Single socket options with 32, 24 and 16 cores ensure customers new choice to maximize utilization and efficiency.


Mitigate the threat of ransomware with QNAP NAS and make a recovery plan against encryption-based locker viruses

Ransomware is a rising threat against both business and home users that targets computers and network-based devices. A simple yet effective method of mitigating the threat of ransomware is to ensure that you always have up-to-date, remotely-stored backups. QNAP NAS is an ideal backup center that includes comprehensive backup features and supports point-in-time snapshots to help individuals and organizations protect important data, restore files, and avoid downtime.


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