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QNAP® Expansion Unit UX-1200U-RP

Flexible storage scalability for your Turbo NAS. Quick & simple.

Economical RAID expansion enclosure for Turbo NAS.


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SKU: UX-1200U-RP. (Supplier Stock Code: UX-1200U-RP.)

Categories: Category: Cloud Storage, Qnap Expansion Unit.

When expanding data storage capacity, deploying multiple servers can lead to complexity in management and also dramatically increase costs. The QNAP UX-1200U-RP expansion enclosure is an economical expansion alternative designed with easy setup in mind for expanding the total storage space of your Turbo NAS. The UX-1200U-RP offers a hassle-free storage expansion for business use. Each UX-1200U-RP provides additional 12 hard drives for the Turbo NAS and allows for a total raw capacity of 96 TB* making it especially useful for massive data backup, digital media collection, and video surveillance.


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