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QNAP® Expansion Unit EJ1600-V2

Simple & flexible storage expansion for Enterprise ZFS NAS.

High-performance, dual-controller 12 Gbps SAS RAID expansion enclosure.


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Product Information

SKU: EJ1600-V2. (Supplier Stock Code: EJ1600-V2.)

Categories: Category: Cloud Storage, Qnap Expansion Unit.

The EJ1600 v2 expansion enclosure is designed for expanding the storage space on a QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS by connecting multiple expansion enclosures via high-speed mini SAS cables. Featuring a 12 Gbps SAS interface on the chassis, the EJ1600 v2 ensures fast data passthrough from 12 Gbps SAS-enabled Enterprise ZFS NAS. This is especially useful for virtualization applications and large data applications that require high-performance interconnection, such as video surveillance, archiving large data, and TV broadcast storage, to provide businesses with optimized efficiency and maximized ROI. The EJ1600 v2 connects to the Enterprise ZFS NAS via the dual path mini-SAS design to sustain continuous operations even if an external JBOD cable is disconnected.


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