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Understandings the unique needs and challenges of your industry is key. We don’t engineer one-size-fits-all solutions but rather uniquely tailor make them to best accommodate your needs. Vertical solutions are streamlined and simple to implement yet yield powerful results. The range of use is covering projects in many different industries, such as retail, industrial, transportation, education, government, banking, hospitality, etc. Explore the different industry solutions we provide to solve your challenges.

Industry Solutions

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IP Security Solutions for Retail - Low Shrink High Profit

Shrinkage remains the No. 1 problem the retailers are facing. This issue becomes severer in the uncertain economic situation. Retailers' revenue loss has eaten a noticeable percent of retail sales. Shoplifters and employee theft are the top two sources of the revenue shrinkage. As smaller margin hurts everyone from the small business owners to the international retail chains, retailers start to pursue higher security level to guard their profit and assets.

Decrease Shrinkage

NUUO surveillance solution seamlessly integrates with POS system. Metadata search the playback video and compare it with the POS transaction data, which is overlaid onto the video, sweet hearting employee theft can be easily dug out.
By deploying this surveillance solution, it's natural to keep the employees aware and more honest, resulting in a higher profit overall.

Provide Safety and Security

By applying I/O, Video Analytics, and LPR at critical areas, such as cashiers, warehouses, and parking lots, NUUO surveillance solution detects and responds to the accidents, theft or robberies efficiently to protect the safety of the retailers' customers and staffs. It also stops the likely destroy and business loss.

Enhance Operations and Management

When retailer's business scope includes multiple stores, NUUO free central monitoring software (Remote Live Viewer) connects and displays the views from different stores in one unified interface to help the managers to monitor larger scope with less hassle.
CMS is recommended when advanced alarm management and matrix wall are needed in projects with higher channels deployment.

Business Intelligence

NUUO surveillance counting application can also help retailers do marketing analytics, e.g.: customers flow survey in order to allocate the right number of personnel, then the manager can provide a better customer service.
Also, the POS event can be triggered when a transaction exceeds a certain amount, and manager can use metadata search to recognize the potential VIP from the playback, and provide customized service

IP Security Solutions for Transportation

NUUO's feature-rich Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions are ideally suited to the security demands of fast paced transportation hubs, whatever their size. Whether the requirement is to monitor bus terminals, airports, depots etc., NUUO has the answer to protect passenger, staff, cargo, and critical infrastructure against any type of threat, criminal or terrorist attack and to aid effective incident management and evidence gathering.

A Safe Transportation Environment

NUUO's solutions offer an efficient events management for the transportation market. NUUO Main console supports the video analytics feature (IVS) ranging from people counting to tailgating; this feature is associated to 10 different instant responses. Plus, the I/O devices, and the LPR and access control systems via the 3rd Party Integration features, are also available.
By deploying this surveillance solution, it's natural to keep the employees aware and more honest, resulting in a higher profit overall.

Driving Coverage

NUUO's solutions ensure that security guards have the best view of the action with multiple camera angles via the duplication of the camera in one user-friendly interface. In more complex transportation environments, NUUO Titan NVR which is a high-megapixel recording server with its "Image Fusion Technology" feature can combine 10 cameras to form a single view. And for large scale live video display the centralized matrix wall from NUUO CMS, can be used.

Moving Ahead with Efficient Management

For incident management NUUO Remote Live Viewer supports connection to and remote viewing of live video. A step-up is NUUO CMS which adds central alarm handling and video wall display from multiple servers. Beyond this, NUUO Titan NVR also provides the management of multiple Titan servers. NUUO's solutions certainly score highly on the ability to identify what is happening and take action thanks to the various features like the video analytics and instant alerts.

Data Safety

Holding data for evidential purposes is one of the major requirements in the transportation market. In terms of storage, NUUO's solutions support a number of RAID levels, data storage supports as iSCSI, and the redundant power system. Alongside this, NUUO offers a digital watermark when video is recorded plus a verification tool to check the authenticity of the exported video.

Packaging Data Storage

The ability to efficiently store data, and save storage space, is built-in to NUUO's solutions with the potential to select distinct recording modes depending on the transportation user's needs. These range from "always record" to "on motion", "event recording" and "boosting recording" modes.

Delivering a Return on Investment

Given the extensive nature of transportation hubs and budgetary pressures, NUUO Main console Family and NUUO Crystal Family provide future expansion through the simple addition of an IP license or new DVR card.

IP Security Solutions for Industrial

Industrial installations certainly represent a major security, safety and operational challenge, with their specialist processes, commercially sensitive information, valuable materials, plant and equipment. To enhance protection, and provide a bigger picture view of these critical facilities, NUUO's Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed across a wide array of industrial sectors, whether it be automotive, manufacturing, utilities etc.

Working for a Safe and Secure Environment

NUUO's feature-rich NVR/DVR solutions are ideally suited to the rigors of industrial applications. The events detections features can justify this statement, like the video analytics support (IVS). NUUO Main console offers the video analytics support and it is ranging from enter and exit to tamper detection and other. These features can be combined with 10 instant responses, such as email, SMS and a pop-up E-map.

Seamless Industrial Integration

An important consideration for industrial sites: the access control systems that NUUO's solutions integrate. Should someone tries to enter with the wrong ID card an entrance can be closed and security guard alerted. When considering larger scale applications, NUUO CMS is equipped to bring together multiple NVR/DVR servers and centralized alarm management.

From Central Monitoring to Efficient Management

Industrial facilities contain a vast array of cameras and NVR/DVR servers so it is imperative that security guards can call-up the right camera views at anytime and anywhere. NUUO's Remote Live Viewer supports remote viewing of live video. A step-up is NUUO CMS adding central alarm handling and central matrix video wall display. Beyond this, NUUO Titan NVR supports the management of multiple Titan servers and the "Image Fusion Technology" feature, where multiple camera views can be stitched together to form a consecutive view.
Moreover, users can identify and act on what is happening instantly thanks to the features like the video analytics and the instant alerts. And the Smart Search function simplifies the process of security guards to find a specific video.

A Vision for Business Expansion

NUUO's solutions are readily scalable to cope with rapidly changing industrial sites. When there is a need to support new cameras all that is required is the purchase of additional IP licenses or DVR cards.

Data Safety and Efficient Storage

Where data is being stored for evidential purposes at industrial facilities, NUUO's solutions are well equipped to do this securely and to demonstrate the integrity of what is being held. In terms of storage, NUUO Main console can back-up to iSCSI, and Titan NVR (NT-8040RP) has a redundant power system to cope during a power outage. The digital watermark feature when video is recorded plus a verification tool to check if the exported video is the original data, are obtainable. And the selectable recording mode (e.g. "boosting recording" mode) helps to save storage space.

IP Security Solutions for Education

Safety and security remain high on the agenda for school. College and university leaders are charged with a duty of care to their students, staff and the protection of valuable assets. From high profile shooting incidents to vandalism, and the theft of IT equipment, widely open education campuses represent a challenging environment where security is concerned.

Gospel for Apple's Fans

In the educational surveillance projects, NUUO Titan NVR is an outstanding cross-platform recorder. Indeed, NUUO Titan NVR is Linux embedded and supports Mac client as well as Microsoft OS. Besides, this recorder can be remotely connected by its NuClient software, IE and Firefox browsers.

Reducing Violence and Vandalism

NUUO's solutions are well placed to combat the threat of violence and vandalism, thanks to the event detection features such as IVS, Smart Guard, I/O, and access control or LPR integration. When accompanying with the alarm notification features in client software and NUUO CMS, the proper response to the threating events can be dealt with on time to stop or reduce the destructive behaviours. For example, NUUO solution can automatically trigger the siren to deter an intruder entering the teachers' office at night time, or to notify the security guards at the control room when detecting a blacklisted ID card at the dormitory entry. Access control and LPR can also be combined to manage the entrance of vehicles and their drivers, so individuals not only need the right vehicle but also the correct ID card to enter into the campus, which enhances the security level.

Smarter Evidence Retrieval

The last thing the security staffs want to do is to sift through large volumes of footage to find out the useful video clip for an event investigation. Now this process is much more manageable thanks to NUUO Main console Smart Search and event logs. To ensure the integrity of the evidence, the digital watermark is provided.

Efficient Management and Less Security Cost

Naturally, educational establishments are keen to be able to manage their surveillance infrastructure and their site as efficiently as possible. NUUO CMS can connect to a large number of NUUO NVRs/DVRs to centrally manage alerts. An intuitive E-map spotlights an incident's location, displays a message outlining the action to take, and ensures the correct I/O is triggered. By deploying this kind of solution, the security management becomes less hassle, and requires fewer security guards to monitor the campus, resulting in an improved security cost structure.

Favourable Cost of Ownership

NUUO recognizes that many sites may want to take advantage of some existing analogue infrastructure when upgrading. With this in mind, NUUO Main console Hybrid and Tri-Brid recording can be readily implemented to record the video stream from IP cameras, standard analogue cameras, and HD analogue cameras. This way, the cost for expanding the security system can be reduced and optimized.

Remote Lessons

Beyond security, it is now perfectly possible with NUUO solutions for students to attend an online class, or make up a missed lesson through NUUO remote client software, or iViewer App on their smart-phones by connecting with NVR/DVR servers online. NUUO also provides sophisticated SDK to empower the school inserting the video recorded by NUUO system into school's own viewing interface, for example, school's website.

IP Security Solutions for Banking

Banks remain at the top of the target list for today's criminal gangs. Robbers are resorting to ever more extreme measures, from carrying firearms to even taking the employees of the bank as hostages. Given this high threat level, it is essential that the surveillance system can deter attacks, manage incidents, gather and protect video evidence and enhance coordination with law enforcement officers.
Also, due to the nature of the bank industry itself, the data stored in banks system is also the target to be attacked, either via the Internet by hacker, or vandalism by robbers. Therefore, how to keep the data safe and stable is another crucial challenge in today’s era.

Tackling the Criminals More Efficiently

By using NUUO’s solutions, incidents such as robberies can be tackled and managed in a proactive way. For example, NUUO Main console can integrate access control, Video Analytics, and the I/O devices to detect the incident. Should this incident happen, the security guard will be notified immediately, and NUUO Main console can automatically send an alarm to law enforcement officials at the same time.
If events unfortunately happen, the high megapixel recorded video is ready to be used for efficient event investigation. NUUO Titan NVR is configured with a massive 250Mbps of recording throughput capacity, ensuring that several high megapixel video streams can be recorded with high quality.

Secure Storage

Focusing on how to ensure that video footage is secure, the innovative NUUO Main console comes with valuable features such as “failover,” so the associated failover recorder can take over the recording task when criminals take away the original recorder. In addition, we can use the “auto remote back-up” to duplicate the footage to a remote site. The schedule of the remote back-up can depend on a specific user's needs, for example, on a daily basis.

Enhancing Business Operational Efficiency

Keeping the data away from the hacker and virus ensure a smooth business operation in the bank. Both NUUO NVRmini 2 & Titan NVR are Linux embedded recorders, and can enhance the security and stability of the bank data system. This consequently brings a safer banking system, and a higher operational working efficiency in the bank.

ATM Protection

Considering video surveillance at the ATM, NUUO has brought to market the turnkey solution, NUUO NVRmini 2. This small unit can be fitted easily inside an ATM, and so can record locally to avoid the risk of a network failure. There is even an added value that NVRmini 2 can integrate ATM transaction data with the video.

Smooth Central Monitoring at Head Office

For those bank security managers, who want to centrally monitor all the branches at head office, but with the limited bandwidth; the branches can activate the “transcoding” feature of NUUO Main console, or the “2nd stream” of NUUO NVRmini 2. Then, the head office can use NUUO Remote Live Viewer or NUUO CMS (Central Management System) to select a most optimized video stream sent from branches to view.
Another option is to install NUUO Titan NVR at the bank's branches, applying the 2nd stream, and have NUUO NuClient at the head office. NuClient has central E-map to monitor events from multiple branches at once.

Raising Up the Return on Investment

Counting the cost of security, it certainly makes sense to combine existing analogue devices as new IP cameras come into play. NUUO is helping banks to minimize their upgrade expenditures by offering a hybrid solution, featuring NUUO Main console with a DVR video capture card and IP license, so the same platform can work equally well with analogue and IP cameras.

IP Security Solutions for Hospitality

The hospitality market, ranging from restaurants, gaming, hotels, and theme parks to convention centres, has many challenges that need to be met in order to create a positive customer experience. Offering a secure and friendly environment is a major priority for these institutions, alongside the guests’ safety and happiness.

A Safe and Friendly Environment for a Better Business

To ensure a secure and pleasant atmosphere, NUUO’s solutions offer a large range of features that support additional elements from I/O devices to 3rd Party Integration. The 3rd Party Integration key features include: POS which can reduce internal theft, access control to ensure the privacy of guests, LPR and Video Analytics. These features can also lead to improvements in business performance since they bring back satisfied customers and a greater potential for repeat businesses.

Extensive Options for Event Management

When an event is detected, the Smart Guard of NUUO Main console can provide 10 types of instant response. Looking at NVRmini 2 and NUUO CMS, when an alert is triggered E-maps can pop-up with overlaid indicators to immediately highlight the location of the incident. By double-clicking on them, the live view and the instant playback can be immediately displayed; this feature is also available on NUUO Titan NVR.

Exclusive Access and Efficient Management View

NUUO Main console Family and NUUO Titan NVR support a range of authorization levels. Security guards can be offered various levels of authorized actions and views. This function is useful since it can increase guests ‘confidence particularly in first class business. For the view coverage, NUUO Image Fusion Technology from NUUO Titan NVR can gather 10 cameras together to build a combined single view. This full view coverage feature is particularly useful for crowd management.  In addition, via NUUO CMS, views from NUUO Main console Family’s recorders can be easily displayed on a Matrix Wall which can also be set up to only show views when an event takes place.

Data Protection and Evidential Matters

Data storage and safety are a key priority for hospitality business owners since legal proof regarding possible incidents may be required. With all NUUO’s solutions, evidence can be easily exported from the live view or playback interface as video or image. After exporting, NUUO Verification Tool can certify that this material has not been altered. Turning to storage space saving, NUUO’s solutions offer various types of recording modes such as the “boosting record” mode from NUUO Main console. High protection of the data is also available for instance through the Failover feature of NUUO Main console.

Anything and Anywhere Monitoring

All surveillance solutions from NUUO integrate remote control and control room solutions. NUUO Main console Family offers a complimentary remote monitoring application via NUUO Remote Live Viewer. Multiple NVRmini 2 and NUUO Main console can be connected to this tool. All of these recording servers can be combined with NUUO CMS and provide a complete centralized control solution with efficient video walls and alarms management support. About NUUO Titan NVR, a central management of events is also available through the main and sub-server structure. What's more, by using NUUO iViewer, every NUUO’s recorders solutions provide a remote management and playback via smartphones.

Meeting Strict Regulatory Requirements with Cost Effective Systems

NUUO’s solutions which are scalable and cost effective, fully respond to special requirements that come from a strict regulatory environment, e.g. for the casino projects, NUUO Main console, a Tri-brid system, provides real-time live viewing. Beyond this, there are extra benefits such as Video Analytics which can be employed for the monitoring and marketing purposes.

IP Security Solutions for Government

Terrorism attacks, organized crime, and other acts of violence are eventualities that every city worldwide must prepare for. NUUO’s Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed to assist governments provide public safety along with improving the image of their cities, thereby facilitating the economic and cultural development of their countries as a whole. This presents numerous challenges in the government vertical market.

Advanced Solutions to Enhance Public Safety and Credibility

To ensure a higher level of public safety and credibility, NUUO’s solutions integrate I/O devices, 3rd Party Integration features and provide full SDK support. All the features guarantee high fluidity of emergency operations. Indeed the LPR, the access control or the Video Analytics features can assist police officers deliver robust protection of the citizenry and government officials. Via the SDK support, customized tools can be provided such as an adapted E-maps system.

Proactive Intervention with Solid Investigation Tools for Prosecuting Malefactors

NUUO offers efficient detection, notification and localization of incidents with high quality images. While viewing NUUO NVRmini 2 and NUUO Titan NVR, events can be detected, for example, via the Edge motion of the camera and alerts can be issued via e-mail, output or on-screen display. These functions are also integrated into NUUO CMS and Main console, and combined with others such as the two-way audio or the pre-set PTZ point. The E-map function is crucial since it allows emergency responders to instantly localize the scene and act accordingly. Plus, the live view can be directly accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon overlaid on the E-maps generated by NUUO’s solutions. Another highlight feature is the mobile client access over NUUO iViewer application that allows accurate and real-time monitoring. These solutions also include an instant playback and smart search functions, and legal proof can be provided via the export of snapshots or recorded videos.

Centralized Management: Strong Information Consolidation and Decision-making

Information consolidation featuring decision-making between each actor is crucial when there is a need to manage multiple sites such as citywide fire and rescue stations. To respond to this, NUUO CMS delivers central management of all NUUO Main console Family recording servers. Thus the centralized real-time alarm management and the unlimited E-map layers include the overlaid icons of devices, enhancing the efficiency of operations, as well as the alarm management guide and the reporting tool, are available. As to viewing, NUUO CMS provides a Matrix Wall with a display enabling an unlimited number of views and several modes including a dedicated alarm monitor. Centralized views and event management are also provided by NUUO Titan NVR via NUUO Command Chain Technology. Moreover, NUUO’s solutions integrate user management which means various privileges can be assigned to different users and the Window Active Directory is also supported on NUUO CMS and Main console.

High System Stability: Linux Embedded, Data Safety and Storage Optimization

Having multiple site surveillance citywide within a LAN or WAN environment calls, on the one hand, for data safety and, on the other hand, for storage optimization. As to data safety, NUUO NVRmini 2 and Titan NVR are both Linux Embedded and support several types of RAID. Plus, the redundant power requirements for the NT-8040RP model are also supported by Titan NVR. As to NUUO Main console, the Failover feature provides a failsafe thanks to a backup server which can take over the server in use if it goes down. As for storage, optimization is possible in all NUUO’s solutions via the wide range of stream profiles and recording mode selections.

Large Capacity for Adjustment and Further Expansion

Most government installations call for easy expansion without proprietary restrictions. One of NUUO’s principles is dedication to open-platform solutions by offering Hybrid and Tri-Brid recording solutions and supporting a high number of channels per server over an easy licensing mechanism. Other core principles include designing products that are simple to install, maintain, and do not require special training. In brief, NUUO aims to provide user-friendly and intuitive solutions underpinned by high system stability. On reviewing these added benefits, the most significant is surely the improvement of monitoring performance and organizational efficiency.

IP Security Solutions for Residential

Our home should be our castle: an oasis of security and relaxation. These days, however, most families rely on double incomes to get by which means that typically no family member is at home by day to monitor the premises and discourage thieves. Furthermore, while in the office, homeowners often have no way to check on the status of their children, babysitters, elderly relatives, or pets in the home.
When an unwanted incident occurs, to detect and respond to it immediately even when no family member is at home present challenges for residential surveillance.

The Smart Electronic Housekeeper Detects and Reports Events

By installing NUUO I/O, IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance), or accessing control solutions at critical zones, such as the door, window, garage door, warehouse, safe box, etc., when an intruder enters these areas the event is detected. Events can then be reported automatically to the responsible security guard via the NUUO event management solution, synchronized with the NUUO CMS installed by the contracted security company. Also, NUUO Push Notification can send playback video of the event immediately to the family host’s mobile phone. Thus, both the security company and the homeowner can respond to events promptly to minimize losses even though there is no one at home.

Erecting a Virtual Fence to Preserve both Natural Scenery and Security

Enjoying natural scenery uninterrupted by physical fences can be free of risk now. This is thanks to the NUUO Main console IVS which erects a virtual fence. In many instances a physical fence can either be torn down or else bypassed without even damaging it. In such instances, the physical fence clearly does not fulfil its purpose. On the other hand, a virtual fence cannot be torn down or bypassed by intruders. Even better, it can be easily set up by drawing a digital line or zone in the NUUO Main console interface and defining the critical zones in and around the house. When objects cross over designated lines or enter predefined zones, the pre-set response is automatically triggered. Thus the virtual fence provides even greater security than a physical fence, while allowing for unhindered views of natural scenery at the same time.
NUUO IVS can also be set to define the dimensions of objects to be detected, thereby reducing the likelihood of false alarms. For example, when a cat enters the garage, the NUUO IVS will not treat this as a hostile event and notify the security company. This can significantly reduce the amount of time security companies waste responding to false alarms.

Easy Operation for Home Users

Forget about cumbersome network settings. With the NUUO NVRsolo, user can simply assign the NVRsolo a registered ID and applies a set of usernames/passwords. Now each time the user wants to check on what’s happening at the home, he or she can just log in to or NUUO mobile application, and key in the registered NVRsolo ID, username, and password for easy access to desired video feeds.
Additionally, NVRsolo makes installing IP cameras easier than ever. Using a one-click search, the IP cameras are automatically detected and added in the system. Its default username/password will be synchronized with NVRsolo, without any further input required from the user. All users can carry out this task without technical training and have easy access to the security provided by high quality surveillance.

Smart House Automation

The NUUO I/O solution combined with the NUUO mobile solution makes it possible for users away from the home to check if the electronic switches for their lights, air conditioner, garage door and so forth are turned off. They can also remote-control these electronic switches if needed. This not only enables the user to monitor and manage the home, but also helps to prevent theft, as the user can remotely turn on lights or audio equipment to create the impression there are people inside the home even when nobody is there.