Smart Factory

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Intelligent machinery, future looking systems and remote control platforms are deployed in an unmanned manufacturing factory. The future scenario of the “smart factory” represents the zenith industrial automation and labour. The factory can be modified and expanded at will, combines all components from different manufacturers and enables them to take on context related tasks autonomously. Integrated user interfaces will still be required at most for basic functionalities. The complex control operations will run wirelessly and ad hoc via mobile terminals such as PDAs or smartphones.

Dedicated factory automation solutions improve production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. To catch the wave of automatic assembly, robot system will be a major role along with machine vision and motion card solutions. For factory automation control terminals, the industrial computing solutions are robust, work in a wide range of wide range of temperatures, and offer flexible expansion. To elevate efficiency of warehouse management, UHF RFID and 1D/2D bar code solution will allow tighter control of inventory and can integrate into all steps of the manufacturing process.

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For robot automation, it is getting more important to automate the process, as it can achieve 24-hour production while still maintaining high stability and efficiency. On robot solutions, these solutions play a core role in providing automated robotics control and management systems.

The total solution is a holistic approach to offer the solution of fulfilling robotic automation requirements. With the addition of Motorcon robotics, this is now a core role in robotics automation.

Teaching Pendants
The teaching pendant is designed with a high industrial standard and is fully compliant with an IP 64 rating. High-luminance touchscreens and membrane keypads help users to easily control the system.


Expandable Embedded System
Highly dedicated and robust equipment with enhanced expandability allows users to expand the system with different add-on cards to fulfill different tasks. The various add-on cards will allow greater automation of more tasks and more fine grained control of every aspect of the factory and its processes.


Industrial Monitor
The industrial monitors are designed in a variety of sizes ranging from 12.1 inches to 24 inches. The IP 65 ultra-thin front bezel can meet the requirements of any harsh environment. These monitors allow factory chiefs and foremen to quickly asses and make adjustments to any workflow and also gather a quick overview of current conditions.

Robot Arm
Motorcon provides mechanical arms for industrial use to assist customers in the implementation of factory automation. The six-axis vertical-joint robot arm is a highly flexible platform through the use of six-degree-of-freedom mechanism.


To speed up packing and warehouse management, equipment is provided and makes use of high speed 1D/2D bar code decoding solutions with maximum acquisition rates of over 60 frames per second. Moreover, the data can be retrieved on mobile platforms enhancing mobility in management. The decode range of the scanning platforms outperforms that of traditional barcode readers by supporting linear, stacked, and matrix barcode types.

Fanless multi-touch panel PCs with stylish flat bezel design and ruggedized IP 65 front bezel protection, are used throughout the packaging process line and are ideal for flow control and processor monitoring and management, and are an ideal entry level rugged display solution.
Inventory checking and goods tracking are the key factors in a modern warehouse. UHF RFID components are featuring more and more and can collect inventory information quickly and efficiently. The data will show on any connected mobile devices and be instantly viewable and can be analysed quickly. With newer designs incorporating forklift mounting and applications, vehicle based scanners and trackers with complimentary equipment automate the process further

It is important to get real-time information and status in any factory environment. To prevent any damage, or theft in advance or to take action in the case of an emergency or provide rescue once an emergency happens, a full monitoring system for a surveillance control centre is available and is based on high grade equipment with full IP 65 grade protection, ensuring quality and stability.

The production line requires a careful inspection at each step of the process. To prevent shipping of defective products, users can use high grade computing equipment as an HMI to control production systems, and terminals to connect high-speed cameras for inspection tasks. The data can be collected and processed for analysing and improving quality.