Smart Retail

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Smart Retail refers to solutions that consolidate and automate most aspects of any retail environment streamlining inventory management, providing real-time information monitoring, extending manageability on the go and client centric retail management solutions. The more convenient our lives become, the more data needs to be collected, analysed and transmitted. The key to smart retail is to enable secure, centralized capabilities that connect all aspects of the business, to minimize the complexity of any store through services consolidation while extracting new levels of information to help you understand the customer’s needs better, reduce operational costs and drive profitability.

Extensions to the customer experience include offering in-store Wi-Fi and mobility solutions to improve customer service. Smart Retail solutions brings new experiences to customers while visiting retail stores and shopping areas. Customers are able to access in-shop digital services online with their own devices. For the retailers, the solutions offer more sophisticated information about customer behaviour and efficiency for their operations, allowing retailers to understand their customer’s behaviour.

img solution 01-2Department Store and Warehouse
Department stores, warehousing, and bulk retailers face major challenge that most retailers have to face, which is inventory management. The only way to prevent stock-out problems is using a sophisticated inventory management system to manage stock inventory. A modern, full featured PSI system is the best device and inventory management system, which can help to save labour costs and time.

The PSI System
Combining a modern NAS, Tablet, the PSI system and a modern database and a unique web-based remote management interface can provide real-time remote management and monitoring by integrating not only modern RFID technologies, but also the HF/UHF RFID technology for reading tags, 1D/2D barcode scanners, and real-time information dissemination of stock levels and current sales. Therefore, the PSI system can immediately monitor and update information in the database once the goods are delivered from the warehouse to the department stores or for the online shopping orders and also report current sales statistics and information.

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The PSI system has a number of features that make it work so well in the retail space, these features are:

Web-based Technology (logs in anywhere)
The PSI is developed using PHP and running on a web server, and can be easily operated via a web browser.
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Operates on a NAS (Quick installation, Quick update)
The PSI is running on a NAS. More than 3 million NAS’s are running worldwide with proven stability and reliability.
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Supports Barcode and UHF RFID Systems
The PSI systems supports a full barcode system and utilizes UHF RFID tags.
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Supports Multiple Databases
The PSI System supports a number of popular database systems including the following main databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix-Oracle, MS SQL, Foxpro,Access, Sybase, DB2.img solution 01-6 img solution 01-7Vending Machine Solutions
Vending machines dispense a wide range of products based on the primary vending purpose. The entire automated dispensing process, from item selection to paying, delivering items, returning change and giving receipts, needs an intelligent control system to manage different peripheral devices in the machine.

This business model can cut down the operating costs for vending businesses. For example, a restaurant provides a vending machine to customers for ordering meals. Customers get tickets from the vending machine, and hand them to the staff. The staff will then prepare and serve food to the customer according to the meal ticket. This semi-self-service operation not only saves human effort, but also offers a very unique and interesting experience to customers.

The vending machine solutions generally uses and industrialised PC that is designed as an intelligent control server for managing devices, such as cash and coin machines, and receipt printers. These machines typically have multiple legacy type ports using standard DB-9 connectors, and it can be installed in a vending machine for connecting and controlling multiple peripheral devices.
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Today, vending machines are getting more and more popular in our daily life. With the full automation and application specific solutions available for a vending machine, this is the best choice for any business that needs a vending machine to sell products.

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Retail Store Solution
The common problem that customers generally encounter in stores is the inability to find goods or price information. Industrial PDAs can assist staff to quickly find the goods for customers in store or at a branch to greatly increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, ESL Tags enable the displaying of the most updated product and price information, solving the problems that conventional paper-based shelf tags have. A typical Panel PC can be installed anywhere in the store to further introduce products to customers through video or animation, giving customers in-depth information about the products and enhancing their willingness to purchase.

To prevent overstock or stock-out problems, retail stores should consider using mobile devices and IoT technologies for goods circulation within chain stores. Industrial PDAs that are pre-installed with HF, UHF RFID and barcode readers, and have the wireless connection capability for connecting to databases can assist to provide timely in-store-stock status.

img solution 01-11The major challenge that most retailers have to face is the inventory management. The only way to prevent stock-out problems is using a sophisticated inventory management system to manage stock inventory. IEI PSI system is the best device and inventory management system, which can help to save labour costs and time.

Combining Mobile Tablet PC, PDA and PSI software with a NAS can provide for all of your enterprise innovation needs with one stop shopping.
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Procurement-Sales-Inventory System

  • Web-based Technology (logs in anywhere)

PSI is developed by PHP on web server, and can be easily operated via a web browser.

  • Operates on NAS (quick installation, quick update, remote backup)

PSI is running on QNAP NAS. More than 3 million NAS are running in the world – stable and reliable.

  • Supports Barcode and UHF RFID Systems

PSI supports barcode system and UHF RFID tags.

  • Supports Multiple Languages

English, Chinese (Transitional and Simplified), Japanese and so on.

  • Supports Multiple Databases

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix-Oracle, MS SQL, Foxpro, Access, Sybase, DB2